Adventure SpecialtiesTrust

Adventure SpecialtiesTrust

Adventure Specialties Trust

Does your group have untapped potential? Is it time to dig deeper, reach higher and extend the horizons of your team? We will partner with you to provide life-changing adventure experiences for your school, organisation or group.

We’re one of NZ’s leading adventure therapy and outdoor activity providers with over 30 years experience, BUT that is just half the story ...

NO HASSLE - we organise accommodation, food, transport and, of course, the outdoor adventure activities all for you

FLEXIBLE - our crack team combined with yours will dream up a customised and flexible programme to best achieve your unique goals

FACILITATION - we create experiences that are fun, safe and educational AND take you to the next level in your journey

OPTIONS - whether day experiences, week long camps, outdoor education or full expeditions, our instructors have likely -been there, done that and loved every moment

WE CARE - we have an outstanding safety record and have won numerous industry awards